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Emerging from a waking dream, the Amenirdis woman delights in undone expression of sparkling energy. A Secret Garden full of specificities connected in a single vision, Amenirdis is a new project of art and beauty. Not just fashion collections but much more with a personal, distinct imprint. Amenirdis encloses creative, manual, artistic and sartorial elements through a vast choice of high-quality handcrafted products.

“Somewhere, between Good and Evil, there is a Garden. I will meet you in it”

(J. Rumi)


is a rising thought, a gentle hand, a voice expressing itself

Not for everyone. Amenirdis is the master key that opens all doors. A seductive thaumaturge, she is a wild explorer looking for creatures to share her world with. Through her hand-painted gowns, inks and pigments designed for discret luxury addicts, she creates connecting points and everlasting stories. Covered with Sun and hypnotic splendour, Amenirdis loves natural fabrics made to embrace the body in full comfort. She favours women that shine with their own light, a virtue that cannot be bought. Dressed in ivory-white, Amenirdis draws new constellations: above any convention, she gives moments of Magical Beauty. Beyond habits, routines and time limits Amenirdis leaves indelible imprints on human affiliations.

Light Charm

A Sun-beamed Soul. Butterfly Effect

The Secret Garden of Amenirdis is a special place to grow the ethereal flowers of Art and Beauty. With her personal imprint, Amenirdis embodies creative, tailoring and modelling excellence combined with a continuous research in design and innovation. In a dream-like game of shapes, concepts and suggestions – where every single creation is connected – the Amenirdis collections are designed to be worn your way. The essential quality of creativity finds the right expression in a message addressed to anyone who is able to recognize its meaning. Let’s go out. Let’s get dressed. Let’s surround ourselves with beautiful things. Let’s dive into the Symphony of Nature to build a new vision together. Let’s respect it. Let’s remember to shine through actions, thoughts, gestures, words.

What’s Your Colour?

We are the ones dressed in White. What about you?

Every dress is a choice of human affiliation. No matter how your name sounds like, it’s all about who you are and what values are important to you. Glowing. Sparkling. The Whites have all the colours of the Rainbow. Choose your side. Wear a dress to find yourself through new constellations. Always remember to shine: here is the lesson of Amenirdis. In harmony. With kindness. This world needs protection: our task is to foster the sunniest and brightest part of ourselves. Change your words and the world will change as well. Always look for wonder, curiosity, beneficial evolution. This is what Amenirdis asks for. Give her the pleasure of your presence… RSVP

Travel Diary

Amenirdis loves discovering new places, new people, new cultures. She observes creating new senses, beyond appearance, having fun, playing. The Journey is knowledge, charm, feeling, connection, hospitality. When the wind rises, the thought flies and she says: listen the wind … Fly with me? A meeting, a light embrace, an exchange, a sharing. “Embrace the world and the world will embrace you”.

Step by Step

Step by Step

Every great Journey begins with a first step. Amenirdis is an invitation to go beyond borders. Madly in love with knowledge like an ecstatic fruit, Beauty taught to address thoughts by growing the beautiful flowers of intuition in the gardens of Mental Silence. The...



Fireflies shine in the dark to reclaim woods. Their blissful shyness gently expresses itself with a natural drive that lights up the beholder. The honey-bags steal from the humble-bees, and for night-tapers crop their waxen thighs. And light them at the fiery...

Amenirdis Tricot

Feel the Hug

Brilliant. Bright. Blooming. Natural. Elegant. Captivating. Soft. Beneficial. Precious. An essential collection designed to be worn your way. Just a few models. Three colors: White, Red, Black. All yarns are first-quality natural fibres for the wellbeing of wearing them on the naked body. All products are accompanied by environmental certification detailed on inside labels. The distinctive signs of Amenirdis include bands, edges, cuffs and stripes with a recognizable and original imprint. Every detail is the result of an in-depth research balanced between Wellness and Harmony. There’s a lot of love in here. What’s your colour? RSVP

Art Gallery

The Sublime Abode

New windows open to sublime, magical lands. Thought mysteriously turns into Matter. Vibrant expression of a hand that silently abandons itself to the attraction of Love. Every creation is a Prayer of Love. As in heaven, so on earth. Paintings as visual Ambassadors of a world full of wondrous intuitions. Magnificent points of view take shape through a sudden inspiration.


The Power of Beautiful Things

Amenirdis is a new project of Art and Beauty. A game of human relations where clothes become means of knowledge and communication. Essential creations capable of creating Unions, Relationships, Friendships, Alliances. Polar Star of an ethereal, luxuriant, essential world. A journey to discover a positive growth declined in all its sides and points of view. A language out of ordinary schemes, a new vision. The world is the mirror of our thoughts, gestures, actions.


When the Time, slips into Space, The countdown… It begins. Landing in sight.
A New World full of Wonders. Ready for a new journey, which is your direction?
Come with me? RSVP

Come and shine with me? RSVP

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