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Welcome to the Magical World of Amenirdis “Light Charm.”

Emerging from a daydream, Amenirdis delights in an expression of shimmering energy. Like a Radiating Sun, it unites Art, Painting, Writing, Dresses and tailoring manufacture to enhance one’s uniqueness and make it shine. It is a new project of fashion, communication, art and beauty, which is embodied in the creation of clothes that become the seal of an ethereal, lush, natural and luminous world, materializing its spirit.

Source of inspiration from which the project was born is Amenirdis , divine bride of Amun who represents light , purity, a message and an invitation to express the best part of Self .
It refers to the splendor of ancient Egypt , the meaning of the name is ” beauty rises from light ” , an image that outlines the key to its interpretation .


In the Secret Garden of Amenirdis, everything is created separately , but connected in a single vision that embraces nature, art and beauty. Here, high quality creative, manual, artistic and sartorial elements come together to create a personal and distinct imprint that encompasses elegance and harmony in balance. Love is at the center of everything.

Writing and painting are the forms through which Amenirdis message is expressed in various forms. The free flowing expression of hands surrendering to the attraction of everything she loves is what makes her unique. Amenirdis a passkey that opens every door, multifaceted mischief-maker and thaumaturge. She is an explorer on the move, carefully choosing the creatures with whom to share her world through her hand-painted clothes, inks and pigments designed for those who enjoy understated luxury.

Amenirdis’ creations create points of union and ever-changing stories. She loves natural fabrics that, like cloaks of light, lightly embrace the wearer. His art is ebullient and pulsating, drawing new constellations and bestowing moments of magical beauty. Amenirdis offers a novel perspective that transcends beyond time, custom and appearance. An essential imprint that expresses a choice of belonging.

New constellations

Amenirdis represents the best part of ourselves: a star that shines and unites. His worldview is a privileged overlook in which elegance of form is combined with a substance that delineates a unique and refined character, making each touch special.

At once ancient and modern, Amenirdis embraces all cultures and ages, expressing a refined and essential style. Each of her dresses is a story to be told, an exclusive garden for those who shine their own light, a ray of light that pervades matter and offers itself to anyone who is able to receive it.

His positive energy invites the building of new senses, and here in his world there is a new air, an immersion full of possibility and inspiration.

A New World

Amenirdis more than just a thought; it is the force that drives inspiration, creativity and uniqueness.

A hand that leaves its mark, a voice that expresses deep and meaningful ideas. Amenirdis distances itself from common commercial logic. His Travelogue is a path that goes beyond the trends of the moment, focusing on everything beyond form inspired by the Sun and Nature , generating smiles and uniting those who know how to listen to its Call.

Its essence evokes sensations and spreads like a rising Wind, bringing with it the magic of its nomadic style, which loves Pleasure and Luxury only when they reflect its personality. Gentle and Reserved, affirmed speech in calm and harmonious tones is her favorite language.

Her Garden is a luxury to cultivate, a special place for those who want to shine with her and share her light, to immerse themselves in a world of positive energy, where anything is possible. It all begins with an invitation… Shine With Me? RSVP.

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When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

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