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Hand-painted cotton

A Message for You …

Amenirdis Hand Paints dresses, shirts, t-shirts on strictly White cotton, inside and out, giving a precise Imprint , but always Unique. Each garment is different from the other, a small work of art to Wear, Essential, Clean . She creates them in her atelier using environmentally friendly colors , washing and ironing each garment with fragrant, biodegradable detergents. He writes Messages that evoke the Images and Values of his wonderful world.

Dressing goes beyond simply choosing to wear an item of clothing: it is a choice of belonging, identity and values.

It is not the name or profession that matters, but who we are and what ideal we share.

This illuminating and shining concept is expressed by the ability of “whites” to refract all the colors of the rainbow. Choosing sides means recognizing each other and creating new unions.

What is your direction and why?

Amenirdis invites you to always shine above and beyond in harmony and kindness. We always protect this world, which is the mirror of our thoughts. Our task is to nurture the sunniest and brightest part within and without us, changing our words to change the world.

Always seek the extraordinary, wonder, curiosity and beneficial evolution.
This is the invitation of Amenirdis: offer her the pleasure of your presence…. RSVP.

Look at the points that shine. Combine them. Create New Constellations.

Amenirdis presented to the world as a bold and innovative idea, a project that demands an active response.

In a symphony of beauty and mystical splendor, it opens up to collaboration with places and people to share an ever-changing story. Uniqueness and originality are its guiding principles, evoking deeper symbolic meanings that transcend appearance and belonging.

Amenirdis a detail, a brush, a fountain pen that leaves a lasting impression through color and writing.

His thought is a simple yet surreal reflection, inviting us to discover a world of hidden meanings together. With handcrafted attention to detail, Amenirdis transforms each garment into a unique and special piece, elevating thought through light dress and delicate presentation, with an exchange that tells a new vision of oneself.

And you …. what color are you ? RPSV

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