... Mystic Splendor ...

... a sudden inspiration...

...a smile that is born...

Amenirdis Jewelry

Glitters glitters glitters what a Wonder it is !

Amenirdis, a master of textile art and fashion, expands her creativity to the world of jewelry.

With her love of light and brilliance, Amenirdis has created a new collection of handcrafted jewelry , further enriching her already wonderful creations. Her skilled and artistic hands are now engaged in the creation of sparkling jewelry, enhanced by a discreet and refined elegance.

hands shining

When an empty space opens up, that’s when a new flower is born, connecting and linking to those already in the garden, but different and sudden.

Amenirdis expresses this through a ritual, a fire, creating with wax in his hands, pure fun and freedom, letting inspiration suggest. The new collection of glittering rings enhances Amenirdis creations with discreet and refined elegance, using carefully chosen materials : gold-colored bronze and Swarovski crystals .

Twinkle twinkle twinkle , with a “touch” of Light Charm what a Wonder it is !

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When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

Landing in sight. A New World Full of Wonders.

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