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Amenirdis Jewelry

Hand-painted cotton



” Art in Motion “

Manuality’ , creativity’ , diversity’ . Hand painting and sartorial stitching .
The Amenirdis creations are an Italian craftsmanship excellence, an expression of manual skill, creativity and diversity.
The selection of materials and manufacturing techniques reflect a precise choice aimed at respecting the environment , health and well-being in the broadest sense of the concepts. Each garment is made with extreme care and every detail conveys the philosophy of the whole project that with great attention to detail that conveys the uniqueness and preciousness of the product that
is differs in its uniqueness.
“Creaction” is a word that cannot’ be defined rationally , but rather as a Movement of Thought that rising grasps an Idea , through an Emotion , a Sensation , a Connection , which gives gives birth to a Vision which then becomes Concrete each time in a different way spanning the various fields and specificities’ .

Creating by giving Value to what you do …

The Secret Garden of Amenirdis was born with The Creation of a New and Brilliant World that conveys the Value of quality’ and creativity’ handcrafted and personalized through the touch of the artist .

Sabina Paganelli  is a multifaceted artist , she has a special passion for research and discovery , continually marveling as she materializes each of her visions into acreation in a direct and very accurate way , loving every little detail , which becomes a personal, well-defined imprint giving value to everything she does .

Crees her world through her hands , thought becomes matter , making free form as she pleases .

The names of his creations have a precise and deep meaning .

The precious silk wrapping the body to softly create the shape and then the paper pattern , Also designing the exclusive prints by having them made just for her.

Each dress is  cut and sewn individually by her or entrusted to seamstresses with precious hands, with special attention paid to sartorial finishing and harmonious placement of prints.

For Gilt Bronze and Swarovski Jewelry, he uses the ancient craft tradition of Lost Wax, shaping e molds with fire, giving extreme freedom in every little touch that enhances its uniqueness. The use of Swarovski crystals then lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to the jewelry, creating a shimmering and striking effect.

The knitwear is another of the specialties of Amenirdis Creations, born out of a love for fine yarns completely natural and of the highest quality, to dress even everyday moments with a soft embrace .

Play with the harmonious proportion of stripes designed especially for each garment ,
choosing essential colors such as white red and black .
Like every garment in Amenirdis’ Creations, knitwear is customized in a unique and recognizable way. Labels, for example, are hand-painted on the fabric, becoming a hallmark of quality and attention to every detail .

Amenirdis creates small Works of Art to Wear , He hand paints with bright colors on dresses and Kimoni i of cotton satin t-shirts and shirts , writing messages , essential borders , and designs inspired to nature by changing its depiction each time . Each garment is individually made , washed with environmentally friendly products , in keeping with the philosophy of the fashion house that embraces a great respect for the protection of Nature in all its aspects .

Paintings as Ambassadors of images of a World full of Wonders, are Windows that open creating the connection of an Instant that becomes, through the flow of hands , a work that is realized in Moments of Magical Beauty …


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When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

Landing in sight. A New World Full of Wonders.

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