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Amenirdis Tricot

Feel the Hug

Let yourself be enveloped in the magical embrace of Amenirdis’s knitwear collection, made of natural, premium yarns that are perfect for your body’s well-being even when in contact with bare skin.

Three colors–white, red and black–and four types of yarns–cashmere, Waitaki, Merinos and cotton–create essential, bright, lush, elegant, enveloping, soft, beneficial and precious garments suitable for every season.

The Maison is distinguished by bands, borders, cuffs and stripes, an instantly recognizable and original image resulting from a deep search for balance and harmony. Each product is accompanied by environmental certification and attestation of high quality, which can also be tested through the internal label in details.

Wool is a common thread that takes us from the earliest origins to us, going through many transformations and enhancing the creativity and properties of each era. Used by the ancient Egyptians and considered a privilege of the wealthiest until the 19th century, today it is available to a wider population, with many useful characteristics for the well-being of our bodies and the health of the planet in which we live. As the ancient desert peoples teach us, wool is an excellent thermal insulator and thermoregulator, water-repellent and fireproof, biodegradable in only 12 months and completely natural, renewable and recyclable.

Wrap yourself in the healthy embrace full of beneficial properties of Amenirdis, in tune with the rhythms of the Earth and the magic that brings with it great treasure. The story of wool is whispered to us by the wind, reminding us of the alliance and harmony between man, animals and nature in an extraordinary and precious experience.


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