1l game

” 1the Thought rises “
Moments of Magical Beauty.

Amenirdis will choose to whom to give the 3 paintings , as a Seal of the Beginning of a New Story to Share Together…
All great Journeys begin with a first step… are you participating too ?

Stop for a moment…

Get carried away and Choose the 1image you prefer.

Write Your Sensation–after the Why.
This the Welcome to the World that Shines.
Open the Door and. Shine with Me ? RSVP

For Delivery the Right Time will give us the go-ahead….

Bright queen
water aquamarine

Magnificent Emerald

Green Eyes

An Image Evokes a Sudden Sensation,
A Universal Language that Unites All Cultures of Man,
Beyond Words.
A Play built on a Vision of a World Full of Love.
A Sharing.
A Beneficial Wave.
A Connection.
Amenirdis “Light Charm” begins with an Invitation,
To Create New Constellations among People Who Shine Their Own Light,
In the name of a Better World.

The 3 Paintings will also be posted on Instagram and Fb for you to write and participate at your convenience.
Amenirdis is an invitation to step outside the boundaries. Madly in love with knowledge like an ecstatic fruit, cultivating the beautiful flowers of intuition in the gardens of mental silence, Beauty taught to focus thought as a lens focuses the rays of the Sun. The star map is hinge of orientation: keep it in your pocket, let it guide you to a new direction-yours. Seekers find…
Nose up, feet on the ground.
And what color are you…



Where to find Amenirdis?

When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

Landing in sight. A New World Full of Wonders.

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