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The Silk Road

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The Secret Garden of Amenirdis is a truly special place where Art and Beauty are cultivated in an exclusive and precious way. Amenirdis is an exceptional creator of sartorial clothes that she makes with her own hands sinuously enveloping the body with refined lightness.

It is a style with an essential imprint that enhances the beauty of the wearer , a special hug that gives a unique feeling and a magnetic and brilliant appeal. It is immediately Love.

With his personal imprint, Amenirdis encompasses creative, tailoring and pattern-making excellence, resulting in a dreamlike play of forms, concepts and suggestions. Divine women walking like light nymphs discovering a new earthly garden, clothed in sunshine, and stars at the center of their own universe, scented as nature teaches.

Exclusive and versatile dresses that can be worn barefoot on the beach or with sky-high heels for grand soiree, chameleon-like depending on mood and context. It does not mask identity but expresses it at its best, most beautiful, adapting to women of all ages, from the young girl to the most solemn lady.

It is a sharing of taste that is more about style than fashion, a world for those who fly outside the global imposition, for those who are looking for something special and new.


A style beyond years, time constraints and habits. Amenirdis offers “Moments of Magical Beauty” that go beyond appearance to find themselves in ancient beauty becoming modernity.

1l Knowledge of Hands

Amenirdis a fashion artist who tailors her garments with care and passion, letting the creation of form express itself in the soft, precious and lustrous silk.

Meticulous in detail and sartorial finishing, she follows intuition and harmonic geometry to construct unique designs that enhance timeless elegance and essentiality. She paints the labels of each dress using silk cutouts that harmonize with the wearer’s comfort. Each dress is individually cut by hand , centering and positioning the printed silk to create the right harmony and proportion.

A special attention to the quality of materials and few cuts is reflected in the beauty of her dresses, customized with exclusive prints hand-designed by herself. Amenirdis uses precious colors, dyed and printed especially for her, to create a sensory experience that conveys the infinite beauty of the magnificent symphony of the universe.

With his extraordinary bright energy sparkling like a star, Amenirdis gives us moments of magical beauty that have no time or season.

Where to find Amenirdis?

When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

Landing in sight. A New World Full of Wonders.

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