Amenirdis is a rising thought, a gentle hand, a voice expressing itself.

Not for everyone. Amenirdis is the master key that opens all doors. A seductive thaumaturge, she is a wild explorer looking for creatures to share her world with. Through her hand-painted gowns, inks and pigments designed for discret luxury addicts, she creates connecting points and everlasting stories. Covered with Sun and hypnotic splendour, Amenirdis loves natural fabrics made to embrace the body in full comfort. She favours women that shine with their own light, a virtue that cannot be bought. Dressed in ivory-white, Amenirdis draws new constellations: above any convention, she gives moments of Magical Beauty. Beyond habits, routines and time limits Amenirdis leaves indelible imprints on human affiliations.

New Constellations

Amenirdis is our best part. A connecting point that gleams through murky clouds. A new perspetive where elegant shapes are combined with refined silhouettes that give a special touch to every creation. Embracing all cultures and ages, Amenirdis is the epitome of a timeless style, beyond mental limits and geographical borders. A story to be told, an exclusive Garden for women who know how to shine with their own light. A positive energy invites the construction of new senses: here you can breathe fresh air. Amenirdis is a secret to be kept, an unprecedented point of view able to transcend habits and limits of time. Moments of magical Beauty beyond any convention.

A New World

Amenirdis is a rising thought, a gentle hand, a voice expressing itself. Beyond fashion trends and their usual recipes, her Travel Diaries transcend ordinary thinking. An escape from common bounds of reality, she draws inspiration from connections with Sun, Nature and Mother Earth. Far from commercial dictates, you can find Amenirdis wherever she is able to exist beyond conventional forms. Amenirdis brings new smiles to your face. She brings everyone together, but you must respond to her call. Amenirdis is an evoking feeling, a rising wind. She is a fierce nomad: she loves pleasure and luxury, as long as they are able to reflect her inner heart. A kind and reserved creature, she is aware that words and thoughts can be elegant if they’re affirmed with harmonious tones. Her Garden is a sumptuous gem in need of care. Faster than a ray of light, everything starts with an invitation: Are You Ready To Shine With Me? RSVP.

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