The Power of Beautiful Things

Amenirdis is a new project of Art and Beauty. A game of human relations where clothes become means of knowledge and communication. Essential creations capable of creating Unions, Relationships, Friendships, Alliances. Polar Star of an ethereal, luxuriant, essential world. A journey to discover a positive growth declined in all its sides and points of view. A language out of ordinary schemes, a new vision. The world is the mirror of our thoughts, gestures, actions.

The Best Part of Ourselves

Everyone has his own individuality. The only effort we’re called to support is finding affinities that resonate with the same notes. Pleasure lies in the essence of a Journey: let’s appreciate the different scenarios, each one with its own emotions. Life lived in truth. No time for virtual life. Creation and human expression are a map to show the Way. The luxury of bringing back caring and loving encounters. More will be revealed as soon as we‘ll embark together on this Journey. Let’s discover new constellations. Plato once wrote “Soul only mends with beautiful speeches”. That’s what we need most: the world is the result of our inner thoughts. Our task is to foster the best part inside and outside ourselves. A game, a smile, a positive exchange. The Human Value. The benefit of a shared experience. Those who don’t shine are left behind. Change your words and the world will change as well. Are You Ready To Play With Me? RSVP

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