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The Sublime Abode

New Windows open to sublime, Magical lands. Thought mysteriously turns into Matter. Vibrant expression of a Hand that silently abandons itself to the Attraction of Love. Every Creation is a Prayer of Love. As in heaven, so on earth. Paintings as visual Ambassadors of a world full of wondrous intuitions. Magnificent Points of View take shape through a sudden inspiration.

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Amenirdis is an Invitation to go Beyond borders. Madly in love with knowledge like an ecstatic fruit, Beauty taught to address thoughts by growing the beautiful flowers of intuition in the Gardens of Mental Silence, like a lens it concentrates the Sun’s rays . The star chart will be your cornerstone: keep it in your pocket, let yourself be guided towards new directions.
He that seeketh findeth. Nose in the air, feet on the ground.
What Color are You…

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