beyond words ...

a universal language that unites all cultures ...

Art Gallery

The Abode of the Sublime

New windows open on the Abode of the Sublime.

Thought is mysteriously transformed into Matter.

Free expression of the flow of the hand that silently surrenders to the attraction of all that He loves.

Creating becomes Prayer of Love. As in heaven, so on earth.

Paintings as Ambassadors of Images of a World Full of Wonder.

Magnificent Viewpoints taking shape through Improvised Inspiration.

A Sharing. A Beneficial Wave. A Connection.

Images that evoke a Sensation , Opening the door to an Universal Language that Unites All Cultures of Man,

ABeyond Words….

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Amenirdis is an invitation to step outside the boundaries.

Madly in love with Knowledge on a par with an Ecstatic fruit,

cultivating the beautiful flowers of Intuition in the gardens of Mental Silence,

Beauty taught to focus thought as a lens focuses the rays of the Sun.

The Star Map is hinge of orientation: keep it in your pocket,

let yourself be guided to a new direction , your …..

Where to find Amenirdis?

When Time, slips into Space, The Countdown... Begins.

Landing in sight. A New World Full of Wonders.

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Amenirdis is organizing his New Travelogue ...

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