Light Charm

A Sun-beamed Soul. Butterfly Effect

The Secret Garden of Amenirdis is a special place to grow the ethereal flowers of Art and Beauty. With her personal imprint, Amenirdis embodies creative, tailoring and modelling excellence combined with a continuous research in design and innovation. In a dream-like game of shapes, concepts and suggestions – where every single creation is connected – the Amenirdis collections are designed to be worn your way. The essential quality of creativity finds the right expression in a message addressed to anyone who is able to recognize its meaning. Let’s go out. Let’s get dressed. Let’s surround ourselves with beautiful things. Let’s dive into the Symphony of Nature to build a new vision together. Let’s respect it. Let’s remember to shine through actions, thoughts, gestures, words.

The Wisdom of Hands

The distinctive symbols of Amenirdis are bands, hems, cuffs, stripes. A hand-written italicized label is affixed on clothes and knitwear. White, Red and Black. An image with a clear, recognizable, original imprint. The world is the mirror of our thoughts: let’s foster the sunniest and brightest part of our lives, both inside and outside. Let’s combine our intimate values with a wider project where each detail is the result of an in-depth research expressing a choice of human affiliation. Amenirdis is a new alignment combining art, painting, writing, clothes, fabrics, yarns, playful attitude, craftsmanship and tailoring expertise with a particular focus on raw materials, certifications, environmental and humanitarian protection. Let’s start from the roots. Let’s pick up new flowers every day. Let’s shine together in full Harmony.

1mages Gallery